Got that creative touch? Easily swap any (Skin) theme on the fly...

Add a live (border) frame to your website, simply copy and paste.

The CSS link is set in the document you download. However, we recommend you check that

is placed to your preference between the <head> tags before you upload your revised page/s...


Easy How 2? (1 of 1) To Apply the Cell Set....

Save the .htm template to your desktop: - copy and paste your existing page
into the cell shown to the left - or vice versa. All images and CSS are held on our
server. So, to view the (images) on your PC you must be online. To change
(skins) themes on the fly simply change the (Style Sheet Theme Names)
between the <head></head> tags in your source code.

1) Change the names in the template to see how it works.
2) Back-Up before you make any changes, better safe than sorry.
3) Our (transparent) links should respectfully remain within the cell set.

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